Rubber Glove Rally - Sat 16th July

The 12th Rubber Glove Rally
Neolithic Nonsense


Saturday 16th July 2022

At 10:00 sharp, on the front step of The Old Wrecktory, the starting whistle will be blown.
Gather beforehand!


£25 / head as contribution towards:

  • Special OS map per team
  • Picnic lunch
  • Supper


Where would you like to stay?

  • some rooms available in the house
  • camping in the garden
  • camping by the agro-forest


Who is in your team?


What is your team name?


Do join us the evening before and / or stay til Mon.  When will you arrive (approx)?


RSVP to  or

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Rubber Glove Rally - Sat 16th July

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