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Interested in tutoring a course?

We like to host a range of tutors who are interested in sharing their practices and developing individual creativity to promote wellbeing in others.  Sometimes our courses and events are more about the process, sometimes they are more about the output.  We pay attention to sustainability when designing courses.  As well as supporting the human process of creativity, our courses are designed to make a small profit that is then put 100% into funding 'give back' opportunities for harder-to-reach groups.  As a tutor, we hope you will be happy to join us on this journey by sharing the risk, and the rewards, in working with us.


If you would like to explore an idea for a course to lead through Creative Beings, please get in touch via our contact form.


Printing with plants, led by Lisa Parkyn


Collaborative sketching with Devon Communities Together


Foraging for 'Eat Weeds' with Robin Harford

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