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We explored communication with each other, through painting in silence,

at a Sadler Heath event on

collaborative painting.

The activities were geared to bring strangers together to form something new, noticing how the process facilitated deeper connections.

It's not all about courses at Creative Beings!  One Saturday evening we were treated to an intimate acoustic blues performance from the world-class

Matt Woosey and Dave Small. 

There's something very special about experiencing the rawness and emotion of a soulful singer up close.

'Sculpting With Attitude' was led by Lucianne Lassalle over 4 days, with frequent breaks for cake and chat.

When we were working on our clay forms, the studio was virtually silent as 12 people became totally absorbed in the flow of figurative sculpture.

Through conversation and mark making, each person created a personalised map that had meaning. 

The space was deeply reflective and nurturing with a huge dollop of good humour and fun. 

Life-drawing sessions are a time to experiment with mark-making in a beautiful and supportive environment.

Ruby, a participant, said

“That was a really empowering experience for me.”

We experimented in promoting access to the arts for the community,

both near and far. 

The studio was cleared out to create a pop-up gallery for

6 artists over 2 weeks, as part of Devon Open Studios.

We've hosted a variety of international performers.  One of the stand-out events was Norwegian Panta Rei Danseteater who led a workshop and danced around our house, exploring 'what we do not see'.

After a relaxing morning of life-drawing, it was time for a delicious simple lunch.


Today's soup included vegetables and herbs picked freshly from the garden, accompanied by home-made

goji berry bread.

Lisa Parkyn led a 'Landscape-inspired loosening-up workshop' using home-made inks and paints. 

We started with a silent, reflective

walk in nature.  Then we came back and made marks with charcoal and seed-heads before applying the magic of a frame to curate our creations.

The Creative Beings model is about giving back, using donations and profit from events and courses.


We were delighted to host a mindfulness session, including pizza-making, for volunteers from the

Honiton Memory Cafe.

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