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Sue facilitator at Creative Beings


I am a coach and facilitator of change through creative processes, with a curiosity around developmental transitions in adult life and how we can remain resourceful.  As a co-founder of Laughing Phoenix Ltd, I’ve spent a good proportion of my working life in the busy, goal-focused world of large organisations, specialising in leadership and team development.  More recently, I am finding deep joy and pleasure, counter-balancing that work with our new venture: Creative Beings CIC. 

My practice is informed by many things - a deep and connected love of the natural world and how balance is maintained, at a biochemical, organism and ecosystem level.  The centre of gravity for this practice is rooted in Gestalt, although other theories and practices are woven in too: somatic work, constellating and creative process (poetry and textiles are my favourite).  

I have facilitated many varied groups and teams over the years and lead the Sadler Heath South West action learning community that was started in 2008.  At quarterly workshops, people who are interested in taking responsibility for their long-term personal development join, and the balance between nourishing self and contribution to others is facilitated.  I’m also a Trustee with the Honiton Memory Café which supports carers and cared-for people who are living with dementia.

In a previous incarnation, I was a Botanical scientist and it seems I am revisiting some of that passion for plants, through the planting of a woodland and an edible Agroforest where we live. 

Martin Morth sculptor facilitator at Creative Beings


I am a sculptor and my creative practice focuses on emergence, regeneration and natural progression, drawing influences from nature and mankind’s experience of nature.  As a co-founder of Laughing Phoenix, a consultancy that helps organisations with their ‘Purposeful Positioning’, I've facilitated the global Dove Self-Esteem Project since 2003, creating a range of body confidence resources for teachers, youth leaders, parents and young people.  I have also facilitated workshops with community groups including: 

•    school children (encouraging young people to be proud of their uniqueness)
•    refugee children (devising and running open air painting workshops in the park)
•    victims of domestic abuse (creating a safe space to allow freedom of creative expression)
•    those living with brain injury (ditto)
•    SouthBank Centre, London (exploring what it is to “Be A Man”)

I am curious about mankind’s impact on the world and I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.  

Alex facilitator at Creative Beings

Nature has always been a deep source of refuge and companionship for me from an early point in life.  Something about its ‘being just as it is’ and ‘being ok just as it is’ enables me to experience both internal and external worlds with curiosity, non-judgement and compassion - at least, that’s the theory! 


I enjoy meaningful discussion, walking in nature, swimming in the sea and learning about the relationships between my self, our species and the rest of the natural world.  Alongside my exploratory practice, I also coach adults in financial services to lead with collaborative inquiry, compassion and vulnerability. 


Jan Campbell Young_edited.jpg


I like to put fun and creativity into everything I do.  I started my professional life as a pharmacist then moved into hospital management, providing plenty of opportunities to work with people to maximise their potential.  I've trained as a coach in California and worked with a variety of clients including The Foreign Office, NHS and independent coaches.  I have also established an accredited training programme for coaches and moved into supervision and so am delighted to bring all of this experience to the Creative Beings team.


Working with other organisations that 'give back', I am Chair of Trustees of Home-Start Exeter & East Devon, a charity supporting families who are struggling, and I'm a trustee for Honiton Hospital, the Community League of Friends and the Honiton Memory Café.


I am a strong advocate for the environment and the recuperative effects of nature.  Indeed, I believe that the best way to keep everything in perspective is by getting outside for a walk in the countryside with the dog.

Rosemarie Boon.jpg


Creativity has a constant presence in my life, be that at home with family and friends, or at work as a designer at Fox Brothers, one of the few remaining traditional mills for woollen and worsted fabrics in England. 

I was born and brought up in The Netherlands.  Curiosity and a drive to succeed in my English exams brought me to England and through chance, introduced me to antique lace and textiles. This, in turn, inspired me to study at art college for a degree in woven textiles. 

To find calm and a place to contemplate, I stitch and make.  Indeed, my early Steiner education in The Netherlands really encouraged my development, brought out my creativity and helped me to develop my practice.  I draw inspiration from my life experiences, our natural surroundings and my friends.

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