herb garden to ignite our senses and unleash creativity

Our outside spaces are evolving as our understanding grows about how they work naturally.  We plant to encourage biodiversity: plants, insects, birds and other animals and so not all areas are highly-ordered ... in fact, there are areas that are downright untidy!

In the garden, as in the field and agroforest, we grow things to eat – always seeking to experiment with unusual flavours.  Mindful foraging for food, with friends and guests, is one of the joys of this garden.

Over the years, as our sons have grown, it has been a space for adventure, camping, parties and sun-bathing.  In addition, it is now a place for relaxation, meditation, growing food and gentle games (although the croquet does sometimes get a bit competitive).

We are attending to the bigger natural rhythms and seasons in what we plant. There is something to stimulate all the senses throughout the year and we now have an embryonic dye garden which we hope will provide lovely vegetation for our plant-dyeing workshops