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You can park in the free village car park, next to the pub in the middle of Awliscombe.  Then walk 100 metres past the pub, past Chinston Close and there's our drive on the right.

There are also a few parking spaces on our drive.

To get to the studio, walk through the arched doorway between the garage and the house.  The studio will be right in front of you.

Wheelchair access

To get from our drive to the studio you'll need to go through the arched door that is 87 cm wide.  Then there is one step that is 15 cm high to get in to the building.  We can provide a ramp.


There is one standard toilet in the studio and the door is 78cm wide.  There is a smaller room with another toilet in an adjacent outside building.  

pass through the arched doorway to open up creativity and have a go - beginners welcome
take the first step into a world of creative courses and possibilities
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