Jungian analyst James Hollis describes childhood lasting until our teenage years, the first adulthood begins until fortyish, and the second adulthood from fortyish to old age.

He maintains that many of us never pass from childhood to adulthood developmentally, attached to some behaviours which do not serve us as adults and thus we play out being ‘overgrown children’! He also points out that others never pass from the first adulthood into the second and thus would argue, have unlived lives. 

This is of course just a point of view; however, both Sue and Baz experience this phenomenon and observe it in their developmental work with people. There seems to be some truth in it!

The passage from first to second adulthood presents us with the opportunity to re-examine our lives and to ask, “Who am I apart from my history and the roles I have played?” and “how do I renegotiate, where appropriate, what was given to me and which no longer serves me?” It is an occasion for redefining and reorienting the personality, a rite of passage between the extended adolescence of the first adulthood and our inevitable appointment with old age and mortality.

Sue Holland and Baz Hartnell will rekindle their double act last seen at Sadler Heath last December and facilitate an emergent and somewhat irreverent look at this first to second adulthood transition:

What changes herald this midlife transition and can we choose it?

Why do so many people go through so much disruption in this transition?

How do we revise our sense of self & yet somehow stay the same?

What’s the right age to buy a sports car (or a wood)?

Ying will meet Yang, with Baz taking the thinking perspective on this, whilst Sue will bring a more immersive and creative perspective and for those who participate we hope to provide you with a sense of the landscape and help you find your own map to navigate this terrain.


Venue: Creative Beings, The Old Rectory Studio, Awliscombe, DEVON EX14 3PJ


Course fee of £140 includes lunch & refreshments

Navigating the ‘midlife’ Terrain from First to Second Adulthood - 6th Feb

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