Creative Beings CIC is a Community Interest Company, set up as a social enterprise so that profits are used for the community good.  All courses and events are designed to promote wellbeing.  Sometimes this might be about creating a facilitated safe space to speak freely.  At other times it might be about encouraging people to have a go at making marks on pieces of paper (some people call this drawing or painting!)  Have a look at the courses & events page.

Some of our courses and events are priced to make a profit that can then be used by Creative Beings CIC to subsidise places for others who would not normally be able to attend.  This financial support can be used to help cover travel expenses for people to attend sessions, to cover specialist tutor fees and to purchase materials.

In 2018, Creative Beings ran 10 events that benefitted 328 attendees and supported 5 charities.  If you're interested to read more about this, please download our 3-page 2018 social impact report.

If you would like to know more about our funding model, or are considering making a donation to Creative Beings CIC, or thinking about sponsoring a tree (!) please get in touch via our contact form.