planting trees in agrofroest for personal wellbeing and planet wellbeing

According to the UN, over 50% of people live in urban areas and this will rise to over 68% by 2050.  So, the role of the countryside will become increasingly important.  To support this, we have planted 500 trees, all native species, as a small wood with a sustainable edible agroforest inside.  The agroforest uses the principles of species diversity, no/low chemicals and working with nature to develop woodland that will produce fruits, nuts, hops, herbs, natural dyes and coppiced firewood.  When you visit us, you're welcome to walk around and see how this field is transforming into a diverse, self-sustaining woodland.

It's going to be a while until these trees are big enough to hug.  However we have some huge oaks that are waiting for you!  See Sue's video below for more about agrofestry.